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New from Etopia Publishing. A red-hot romantic
adventure in the frigid North. Suspense, sex,  love
and more!

Review of White Heat



A Reader’s Review Blog by Tina Williams

Steamy and Suspenseful! ****

White Heat is one hot read, containing a hero and heroine both trying to escape their pasts. I really liked the premise of this short read from the off – the hero Josh saves the heroine Carol, who is fleeing her brutal and controlling husband, from certain death. Josh takes her back to his isolated cabin in the frozen Canadian wilderness, where they succumb to the growing attraction between them, unaware that Carol’s husband is out to find her and to bring her home to face  punishment, eradicating anyone who stands in his way…


Although it is a short read we find out enough about Josh and Carol to understand their back-stories and what makes them tick. Both characters have troubled pasts and I liked how they came together. I also enjoyed the atmosphere the author created in the read, namely the freezing cold and the isolation which took me well out of my comfort zone. This contrasted nicely with the highly erotic scenes in the cabin between the hero and heroine which became a oasis of warmth, love and lust.


The brutal intent of Carol’s husband adds suspense to the mix and leads the reader to a shocking finale.


I recommend this read to those who like an erotic and suspenseful read which transports them to an environment where only the strongest survive.

Reviewed by Tina Williams

Please note, a copy of this book was given to me by the author for the purpose of a fair and honest review.


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